Music Schedule

Main Stage:

Friday, February 28th

5:00 p.m.         KFC (hip hop)

6:00 p.m.         Distracted 24/7 (rock)

7:10 p.m.          Official Outcome (pop/folk rock)

8:20 p.m.         Holy Moly Band/DNR (adult alternative)

9:30 p.m.         Garrett Speer Band (country)

10:40 p.m.       DJ Kiuru (house/dance)

Saturday, March 1st

12:00 p.m.      The Compass Band (rock)

1:10 p.m.         Michelle Weger (pop praise)

2:20 p.m.        Molly & Sage (singer songwriter)

3:30 p.m.        PT Project (pop/rock)

4:40 p.m.        Wilder Sons

5:50 p.m.        Everything New (hard rock)

7:00 p.m.        Holy Moly Band (rocklectic)

8:10 p.m.         Sweet Tease (folk/songwriter)

9:20 p.m.        Freedom Hall (hip hop)

10:30 p.m.      Fellow Bliss (rock)

Sunday, March 2nd

12:00 p.m.      Konstantino (soloist)

1:10 p.m.         The Between Times Band (rock praise)

2:20 p.m.        Friends (folk rock)

3:30 p.m.        The Sawgrass Drifters (bluegrass)

4:40 p.m.        The Manipulators (Classic Rock)

5:50 p.m.        Life Switch (rock)

7:00 p.m.        Faith Praise (rock praise)

8:10 p.m.        History Makerz (pop rock praise)

9:20 p.m.        HMB